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Kamis, 25 Februari 2016

a quick way to save the picture in MS Word to another folder or drive

many of us sometimes want to save the image of a file MS. Word in a folder but the hassle of having to use additional software or copying paste repeatedly. but there is a way that is quite efficient and fast

Minggu, 14 Desember 2014

Yuriuss House of Spooks Walkthrough

Hi guys, we meet again, today I have posted my new walkthrough tutorial call "Yuriuss house of spooks" it's a point and click flash game, I have the description write by the author: While playing at the local park, Vladimir’s nephew accidentally flies his remote controlled airplane right into crazy Yurius’s house. Join Vladimir on his journey of retrieving his nephew’s toy back.

Selasa, 28 Oktober 2014

Apa yang terjadi pada matahari? Sunspot raksasa di permukaan matahari terbesar keenam dalam seminggu

'Sebuah daerah aktif berukuran raksasa di matahari meletus pada 26 Oktober 2014, dengan lontaran material terbesar keenam sejak 19 Oktober', dikutip dari NASA.